We love to walk and what better place to walk than in New York City. 

A random road, a corner, a lamppost, or a walkaway can be a piece of art. On one such walk near our house in queens; we came across this beautiful cemetery. It spread across acres and acres of land with beautiful tombstones, pristine roads with the tree canopy. We both stood at the edge and just looked at the cemetery from far. I felt something but was not sure what and we decided to not go in as I had no sweet treats with me for if my blood sugar would drop ( I am living with Type 1 Diabetes).

Today, when we were walking, he suggested we walk to that cemetery and stroll around it. Since we were prepared for any medical emergency, we agreed to pay our visit. 

Before today, I used to wonder if one can go there to simply walk and so, I asked this question to a few friends.

The answers I got were all on the same lines: that it is okay to walk in the cemetery. One friend said, “You can and may I say, ‘should’ walk in and around the cemetery as long as you are being respectful of the surroundings.” 

Why did he use Should there?

Being there reminds you of your humanness. Chasing the big dreams, we all forget the most significant fact about our life: we are not immortal. 

In the end, what would matter: How long we lived? How successful we were? How beautiful we were? 

What matters is that this is the only life we know. News flash – it is not going to be forever. So, making the most of NOW is the only thing that would matter

What other place can act as such a strong reminder of LIFE than a Cemetery?

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  1. Cemetaries are better kept than most New York City parks and are great for a walk. Used to go to one near my place for my walks when I lived there. Especially nice in the summer–much cooler with all the trees; so much better than sidewalks!

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