Amor Vida : Love Life Day 129

Wishes We were now driving through a beautiful mountain meadow valley, if that’s even a thing of reality.  He had asked me if I would write a blog about this and I said yes, little did I know that this would be the thing I would be writing about. Our car moved like a serpent […]

Amor Vida : Love Life Day 107

Travel coma I am sorry for not being able to write for last 4 days but guess what I am not that sorry. 😀 Why? Because I was travelling. Yeeee What started with some official work lead to amazing fun. I am going to write in detail about my travel diary soon and until then […]

My first encounter with mountains in 2013 – Naag tibba- part 1

I ended 2013 with a big promise to myself : Live Life. I can’t help but wonder, how long I had been telling this to myself even prior to 2013. Well, the time of change had to come. I approached Bikat Adventure to inquire about any decent (easy in simple words) trekking trip and finally […]

Pushkaring in Pushkar

Shilpi spoke in slightly yelling and urgent tone – “Give me your hand” as if we were about to miss some train. Before I could have thought of something, Tarun pushed me and Shilpi pulled me. BTW, we were about to miss our train.Let me begin from the beginning.

Rishikesh: Not so holy

As a child I have a profound memory of standing at Laksham Jhoola with my dad and a monkey teasing me. I was crying and hiding behind my dad and later after gaining senses we had visited Rishikesh on a holy trip from usual Haridwar tour and once again I had encountered a monkey at […]