I am a sucker for love

It is a romantic time in New York: The leaves are falling, trees are slowly becoming brown, the breeze has a slight chill, and the sun is soft warm. I love this weather here and wish New York stayed like this forever. I am new to New York and America for that matter, and this […]

I found what I was searching my whole life

He stayed even when he could have left. He listened even when I repeated myself over and over again. He was there to subtly push me to achieve more and to stay consistent when things don’t work. He loved me and truly appreciated me. He convinced me that I was loved & desired. He brought excitement and thrill with him. He gave commitment and trust.

Making The Decision is not easy!

Mark Twain once said that ‘ You are never wrong to do the right thing’. We all always know what is the right thing to do but we almost never do it until a force of situations makes us do otherwise. We are all stuck in a rut even after we see a way out. […]

Amor Vida : Love Life Day 11

Abusive Relationship lets talk about the dirty stuff. Shall we? If you are connected to some sort of publish media, be it editorials, magazines All around world people are talking about abuse and the effects it has on a person when they are stuck in a abusive relationship. It looks like it happens all the […]