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Amor Vida : Love Life Day 19

It is winter time in Delhi and it gets very chilly in the early morning when I travel to work. I take a bus instead of usual rikshaw till metro station during winter mornings because of one simple reason: I feel very cold.  But today I did not get a bus hence I ended up taking a shared rikshaw. I can’t tell you all how chilly it got.  Breeze was hitting me from all directions like a tight slap.. phatak…Phatak..Phatak. but then I noticed these two kids who were in my rickshaw with me. They both were wearing minimal clothing and we’re chilly too BUT they were too excited. It’s like the winter slaps were pumping up each cell of their body with excitement. At that moment, I felt blessed to have sat in that rickshaw. I saw these two kids smiling while going to school wheeas everyone who goes to office has this wired Smurf look on their face all the time. As I always say, simple things are life’s most precious gifts. Let …

Lets Do This!

We as a society are living our lives from weekend to weekend and our weekdays are only about our office and commute and nothing. The sad part is that for most of us the weekend is also a big Nothing. Where is the spark?