Let The Little Joys Of Life Stay Alive

‘Be that girl’, ‘The process of famous writers’, ‘The French girl secrets’, ‘Learn life from Jennifer Anniston’,’ Blue zone habits’, ‘The fancy lives of Royals’. Have you heard of these?

Making The Decision is not easy!

Mark Twain once said that ‘ You are never wrong to do the right thing’. We all always know what is the right thing to do but we almost never do it until a force of situations makes us do otherwise. We are all stuck in a rut even after we see a way out. […]

Amor Vida : Love Life Day 272

Money Recently some events made me realize that money is actually important in life if you are willing to be in the circle of people. I never really focused on it earlier as I felt that money is a bi-product of success and hence I focused on success. But maybe success translates into money after […]