My First Hike After Type 1 Diabetes Diagnoses

I am so happy to share this. Last month, I and Jonathan went for a small yet challenging hike to Bull Hill, NY. I was huffing and puffing THE ENTIRE TIME.đź”…Then why am I celebrating?đź”…We have to go to a recentish history to understand that – I used to call myself a pro-ish hiker. I […]

Amor Vida : Love Life Day 102

Mixed Feelings There are some days when everything goes fine but still you do not feel right. I mean, its neither awesome and nor bad- simply OKAY. This was my day today. As always I had a lot of work on my plate but on the contrary of my usual behavior, I got less work […]

You are a woman – Planning a Trek?

You have been lusting over your colleagues trekking pictures for a while and have finally decided to ring the changes with a new experience in life by going for a trek yourself. You have asked all of your friends and no one seems to understand your urge of going and somehow you can not explain them […]