Okay so I am writing after what feels like a decade and the sole purpose of writing this piece is that I need to vomit my thought somewhere.

I don’t know if you know that I have been ‘very desperately’ looking for some answers. You can say some sort of existential crisis. You know like the reason I am here and the reason behind all this. Why should I stay sort of thing. BUT anyways.

You know how we know that at such a moment, what would any self respectful person do? Google. But in me case, I searched some free Tarot reading about my future prediction. I know its fake and the reason I some times read that is because it makes me feel good.  But while reading it, I remembered what happened today. At that time I did not think much about it but at this very moment when all seems dark and gloomy, that incident is being watched in new sense.

What happened? I tried quitting home life for a while and went to a nearest coffee shop and forgot to carry enough money. I just had money for the auto both ways but who cares. The moment I got dropped off at the coffee shop, this Sikh guy came with a list of names and asked me to put my name in there and donate whatever money I can for the benefit of some children. I felt really bad so I showed him my wallet and said, see I have not money so I can’t contribute.

He wished me good day and I started walking away. Just after 10 steps another guy approached with same sort of list and I said to him in hurry that I had already spoken to that guy who is standing over there. To this, the new guy started a small talk sort of thing and I hurried as by this time I smelled scam. He shouted at me and said, I” wish you good luck. I am a face reader. I know your next month is going to be very lucky. You take care.” By this time, I was basically sprinting towards the coffee shop but when he said something so absurd, I didn’t know what to reply in return so I just said thanks and walked away.

I forgot about that completely. But just before I could loose it right now, I remembered him. Maybe he was a fluke but it feels like a message of some sorts. Like there is hope. Like something could change. Like I can finally stay strong in my position and like I can move out of this position into something brighter, colorful, joyous, loving phase.

So, Mr who ever you are. Thank You.


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