Woke up at midnight and felt all changed.

Walked over to the kitchen table and it looks same but has changed.

Peeped into kids room and saw their calm sleepy smiles but felt like its not the same.

Sat beside him in bed and spotted his midnight sleep gab. He is here but its changed.

What I feel is not the same.

The same was years ago when I woke up at midnight and walked over to kitchen table.

It felt like a table of someone’s home not mine,

The rooms were filled with evil midnight faces of people and were mine.

His face looked like that of a stranger and yet we was mine.

I belonged there as its what had been me.

Yet I left but years later I found my same.

Now, all is same yet changed!

How long will this change be for is what I reckon at midnight.

As my same is coming to me slowly with small silent steps.

It will soon take over this calmness and will leave me again in my comfort of sorts.

I belong there as its what had been me.

But now, all is same yet does it feels like same?

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