These past few months have helped me redefine what defines me. That sounded like a lunatic kind of poetry but it says what I want to say.

Photo by Alice Triquet on Unsplash

I went through mountains and rivers, fell several times on knees and back,

Bled and wounded, I kept walking ahead.

I waited for a friendly hand, held to hope for a loved one who would say I have your back,

But did someone appear,

Tired and depressed, I realized what was holding me back.

Me and my fear of spoiling my life.

But hell, this was never the intention of this wondrous mind.

The words -spoken unspoken drove me through this journey of wild.

I got too scared to write, as I was told I had the strength to crash lives with my words which are oh so wise.

I paused and asked,

Was I acting depressed or I needed the comfort just for the time?

But figured…

I am happy I felt alone and had no one to help,

As then, I stood back up on my own and saw the people who waited for me to get up in a new mind zone.

Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

They were proud of me.

They loved me the way I was.

They knew I had a long way still ahead of me.

I struggled to find myself now. Who was I? What are the things I attach myself with?

I am all alone. I am ME. And I am loved. I am in love. But yet I am alone and I am thrilled.

For those loved ones who stayed in turmoils and distress, silently giving you the space and comfort for uproar.

He stayed because of Love. He stood right there, waiting for me to get up. He waited for a very long time for me to take control of my mind, my body, my friends, my life, my career, my vision. He didn’t say a word. He just waited, right there.

I am lucky I am alone and I am in love and I am loved. I belong to only me yet he owns me. I am my own person but he knows me. I have shattered the myths of my beliefs. I am a new me. I love this new me. My slate is clean and I am alone.

The decade ahead are so interesting. I have my whole new me to figure out. What an amazing job I have in front of me. I love my new me and my alone self yet I am loved and I am in love.

I can walk once again to the mountains and cross rivers but just for my new me which has you in it.

Dedicated to that one person who knows what it takes to be in love and who stays even when stocks are very low. He who makes small continuous investments and slowly becomes the whole part and meaning of life.

Yet we are all alone and in loved and are loved.

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