Some one once asked me if I know the method to add people in CC list in office emails? By that time, I had not really had the opportunity to add people higher up than me in the email but when he asked, I figured that this would be a power dynamic type of situation and I was right.

It is highly non conspicuous- official method of adding people in cc based on their official title and we all live our lives surrounded by entitlement. So you would imagine that this would come easy to all. You will be surprised to know that people don’t always get it when they start sending emails. Some never learn unless they are told about it by their bosses.

There are few cases which according me are both funny and relatable and I would like to present here to this highly educated and smart audience. You may find them silly yet with cute scenarios but will see what I am saying. So without further ado-

  • The official method – It goes in the sequence as per the title which is, you write the name of the person who has the highest title, then second title and you keep going like this. There are few more unsaid rules which are –
  • In Case I Goof Up – You are sending an email to a person in different department then you add your boss in CC. Just in case you goof up, your boss is liable to save your sweet butt.
  • Its not your primary responsibility – So you are sending a sort of to-do to a group of people who are mostly in the same title. The people in CC are pretty much their bosses who just have to be there as an ornament.
  • He/She is getting promoted – When all of a sudden, a person who should be in the ‘to category’ with the rest is moved gently to the cc list. Well, get ready to order the cake.
  • He/She is not getting promoted – You add everyone who was supposed to be in that list of cc. You started with Highest level , second level , third level and you suddenly remember someone from first level whom you forgot to add with his/her peer group. But you don’t care and add them anywhere in the list as you got the water cooler news.
  • The order of preference – Sometimes even in most professional settings, people do not follow any rules, just because. So the cc will have people with the order of preferences. Its no biggie as all done in good faith for the company.
  • I want to be boss’s fav – You realize who is boss’s fav at the moment so you buddy up. You bump up their position to show your affection to the liking of your beloved boss.
  • You should be scared of me – You pretty much add the HR, BHR in an email where you are passing on the message to the person that you are on the right side of the fence and you have secured your assets.
  • I like you – You add someone who should not have been present in that email but you still add just because you like that person, I mean professionally. What were YOU thinking? Should I add HR here?

There are many more but, hey, I cant say everything here. Keep observing and you will be amused with the things people do.

Disclaimer – The post is a work of fiction. In no way does it resemble my current or previous corporate experience. This post is just for the entertainment purpose and if you take this seriously then get a sense of humor.

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