I am yet again lost in my history class. I am sitting at my favorite window seat and looking outside classroom from where I can see the entrance of our school. I hate history but mostly I hate this female teacher who is teaching the most boring subject in an amazingly boring way. Gosh when is this going to end, I asked my best friend Preety who is sitting next to me and is making hearts on last page of her notebook with an arrow hitting and penetrating the heart and two letters written on that heart as AK. She does not respond to my question so I poke her with my elbow to which she only makes a sound in return. 

How can she be so lost in love, I am thinking to myself, as after all I have never been in Love before. I don’t know how it feels like and to some extent I find it stupid. As she is not replying to me I then shift my focus to my teacher who is staring at me and I instantly put a face of a very studious student. I am sure I can be an actor in future. My concentration and my plan of future acting is disturbed by Preety when he hits me with her leg in repetitive motion as though someone has left snakes on her feet. What are you doing, mam will see us, I whisper slowly and to which she replies Oh my God look at Akash , he is staring at you. 
I instantly look above, towards my right where Akash is seated and finds him staring at me. As anyways he is very studious and shy boy, he looks down at the same time but he has seen that I have seen. Me and Preety pass viscous smiles to each other and wait for our teacher to leave the classroom so that we can shout in happiness.As soon as our teacher leaves the class, we stand up in a jerk and turn around to tell our other friends about it. Well mostly Preety is telling and I am suddenly turned into Cleopatra.
I walk out for lunch time and accidentally come face to face with Akash and he says Hi Meera to which I just wag my head and moves out of classroom and I am feeling elated inside.
Days have passed but Akash has never looked at me again. Why is he doing it? Have I mocked him badly? Is he not in Love with me now? Is he never going to look at me again in class? What am I going to say to my friends? They will mock at me for this.
After 2 days, its friendship day and I decided to buy a greeting card and place it under his desk when he is out in prayer. I go to the market and brings home perfect greeting card for the occasion. Its big card, with a big heart in front where its engraved with red bold letters – will you be my friend? and as I opened it played a
the music of famous Titanic song, every night in my dreams I see you I feel you. I am dancing on the tunes of this song in my room and for the first time in my life, I am feeling tickling in my stomach and I am nervous to chore. I was not this nervous when I was applying for 9th final exams which were only last year.
My stomach is aching , I can not come for prayer assembly today, you go please, I tell this to Preety. Soon I am all alone in my class and I leave this card under Akash’s desk under his lunch box and sit on my desk with heads down. The assembly is over and I can hear kids rushing towards classroom. Akash also comes and sits quietly on his desk and soon our first period of day has started. Why is he not looking at the card, I am thinking to myself. The whole time I am nervously looking at him and a though enters my mind, what if he will show this to principal? After all I mocked him at first place. I am swearing now and feeling guilty and ashamed of myself and I plan to take that away from his desk in next period when he will be going out for sports hour.
He leaves and same time I rush to his desk but to my surprise there is no card. He has seen it, Oh No , he has taken it with him to show it to the principal. I am panting in fear and I go back to my desk and put my head on the desk and God knows when only I fell asleep.
Its end of day bell and we all are leaving towards out school buses. Akash also comes with me in my bus as he lives in the same area as I live in but his block is little far from my block.
Ok so pricipal did not call me today. May be he will call my parents tomorrow. I am scared to death. I reach home and acts a perfect kid in front of my mom. I leave home and go for my tuition classes where I find Akash standing. He smiles at me and offers me an envelop and leave. I hide this from everyone and as soon as my class is over, I rode my bicycle to home and close my room door and open this envelop. Oh My God, it has a greeting card and that is prettier then my card. It has Micky and Minny sitting on a swing in a cuddly pose and the swing is covered with all sorts of red and pink flowers. As I open the card, there is another swing which unfolds and opens up in front of me like a magic trick and a song is being played which is Enrique’s I can be your Hero baby. 
Oh My God! I am in Love and he Loves me too. I am lost in transit state now. 

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