Sheetal: Hi Sunali, what is your company doing right now?

Sunali: Hi Sheetal, we are working from home. How about you?

Sheetal 😮

I could not wait to work from home and the moment it was declared , I felt happy yet so damn confused at the same time. It was not easy moving whole business remotely. Lots of back and forth, tantrums , real failures yet the same goal -to keep the ball rolling while we stay safe. Finally we did it and everyone was relived after 5 days of non stop calls, frantic texts and emails. Life started to get little bit under control, as controlled as it can be I guess.

But let me ask you a question – are you one of those who watch Netflix the whole day and take one zoom call a day for work? Yes? Get out. Do not read my blog. I mean it, OUT.

So what was I saying?

hey, I can still see you reading. Yes you. I am talking to you who has all the time in the world to read, workout, chill with family and watch as many movies as you can on Netflix. Well, actually honestly I think it doesn’t make a rat’s difference if you are or not as staying indoors can get even the happiest person. It doesn’t matter how free we all are or how busy we are, ultimately we have to chose to stay busy or else it soon seep into the cracks of our vulnerable emotional sphere. I mean how many Netflix can you really watch? Like my friend Siwach told me yesterday that her brother Tarun can play “kaun banega karorpati” for Netflix as he has literally scraped everything off. But I know that eventually you will call a friend and say “I am so tired of all this. I wanna get out” .

Right Tarun? Please say yes….

I however had it all figured out. If I get to work from home then I will be saving 5 hours of commute a day, which I can potentially use to study my new skill(will tell later about it), read 5 new books atleast , exercise and finally be able to work on my novel. That my friends is not happening as honestly technically I did not save any time. I am just more available.

Even though I say all this, I am happy that I am at home and I have a job and responsibility. At this point, I would not trade these for a week of just chill. Its actually scary to be free right now. But I still had to create a plan around working from home. You see its very easy to just sit in your pajamas the whole day and realize that the night has already come. I spent my first week with barely 4 hours of sleep and by the time night came I just simply was too tired to do anything productive for myself. I am still figuring out and I am pretty sure that the plan I am working on will be successful. I will share that soon with everyone.

There are a few things that I actually do everyday and they are small but its embedded in my daily life.

  • I clean house
  • keep my room pretty organized
  • Help my mom with dishes and organizing them after Lunch. I look at this as an after lunch workout
  • I feed the stray dogs. One of those now wait for me.. cutie
  • I feed some birds and they come to my balcony everyday at the same time now
  • I take one hour lunch break and chill which sometimes mean watching a Youtube video
  • I talk on phone with the most important person
  • I text my sister or she texts me almost everyday
  • I satnd at my balcony with my evening chai for a much needed break from my small room and small desk
  • I shout at atleast one person from work and then feel bad about it
  • I am atleast on one Zoom call a day and till date the maximum had been 8.
  • I work non stop at office stuff more effectively now. I am using pomodoro technique to get more done
  • I try and study atleast for half an hour every alternate day

Thats all but I am refining it. So far so good. What about you ? Would you want to share something that you had been doing these days? How are you keeping yourself sane?

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