Its Nice To Meet You Today!

Hi, I am Sheetal and I am so happy to see you are here.

A friend recently said,’ how cool it will be to reinvent yourself every 10 years ; Get into a new career, shred old habits plus get new ones, meet different kinds of people, and experience more facets of life that you otherwise wouldn’t. In reality, it can be difficult to completely resurrect oneself but when life allows you to do that then you must act on it. 

I am listening to that advice and acting on it.

I started blogging around the year 2011 and little did I know that the words were acting as an outlet. I was saved in the process from one of the hardest downfalls of my life. This blog is and has always been a sacred place where I freely and fearlessly sprinkle thoughts and ideas. This is my happy place and I am really glad to be sharing a part of this with you right now. 

The act of writing an ‘about me’ section is as daunting a task as walking into a group of people and participating in a conversation. The introvert in me simply slides into a tin jar and shuts the lid on top. After a lot of pondering, here are few bullet points about me –

  • I am from India- born and raised in a true Bollywood story. Recently I shifted my life to New York City to get married and be with my husband which was in true Hollywood fashion.
  • The whole of my adult life was working in many big & rising companies in India, climbing corporate ladders and all this while really living the ‘Young Indian Dream’.
  • My last job was being the head of the customer service department & I loved every aspect of it.
  • I love writing, traveling, hiking, adventures & finding good stories.  From time to time I dip my fingers into philosophy.  
  • Oh, what I love the most – a steaming hot cup of tea.

There is no me without you and if you happen to be reading this then please do write at least a few lines about you in the comments. Let’s connect as what is life without a true-spirited human connection?

Little Something : Current Affairs In Life

  • The book : The Cuckoo’s Calling
  • Skin Care obsession : Hyaluronic Acid
  • Nick Name For Husband: Cutie Pie
  • Culture obsession: Being a Francophile
  • The Magazine : Vogue

What Will You Find Here?

The best realistic Lifestyle Blog with articles ranging from –

– My life as Type 1 Diabetic
– Being an Indian in the USA
– Relationship
– Fitness

And much more so stay tuned.

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