Love Story Of A Lifetime: David Rose & Patrick Brewer from Schitt’s Creek

Imagine a person who spends all his life in a cave trying to protect his heart from the next disaster as he is simply a magnet of the worst kinds of relationships. It does not help when all these past experiences leave him a true believer of the fact that he is not destined for love, ever. He glides through life not knowing what he can be offered if he just opens himself for a true chance at something.  

What will happen if this man gets someone who would really see him?

What if the cave is now inhabited by someone who refuses to see anything but the goodness of pure heart?

What if he refuses to leave for any reason under the sun?

A story that I saw these last couple of days has left me speechless. I can simply say that this was the best love story of last decade.

*Read with caution : But of course, there will be spoilers.

Its More Than Just A Gay Story

This is a story of pure love, compassion and sacrifice. Its the first time I have seen a story which transcends the characters, gender and everything else which is not just pure love. One does not see their story as the ‘Gay Story’ rather is a love story like any good and awesome love stories. You root for the characters, have watershed moments and feel this never fulfilled desire of being serenaded in Moira’s words.

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Make Up Can Also Be So Sweet

Yeah people face tough moments when things seems shaky but don’t you feel jealous of those people who can resolve their issues like eating cheese? This is definitely the top most make up after a big fight scene. See how simple humur and innocence can work wonders.

You know whats their secret sauce here?

They don’t have guards.

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The Best Wedding Scene Of Last Decade

BIGGG Spoiler.

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What is it about weddings? But how true these compare with real deal? I mean have you ever attended any real wedding and felt this happy? Hell no. Its always filled with some angry guests, some broken dreams and a lot of useless conversations. And if its your wedding then you are simply fulfilling others dreams, mostly. Still people love getting married and love to celebrate their special moment with loved ones. Its a celebration of a lifetime.

I have a soft corner for vows. I mean look at all the Hollywood movies which basically sold us romance dreams from teenage. They all had amazing vow moments. There is something about sitting down days before big day and writing the promises. Its special and its like you are making yourself accountable in front of all the people who love you.

This one cultural nugget is missed in our Indian weddings and maybe next generation will add this in their rituals. Its a keeper. Cheers to all those who said their vows and lived them, day after day.

A Problem Is Always An Opportunity In Relationships

Honestly, there were so many small and big issues that the writer wanted for the characters like Patrick appeared hid his sexuality from his parents, ex fiancé and from David as well.

David is a high maintenance dude who needs constant support and positive nudges in many situations.

Patrick is the giver in relationship but David is right there when Patrick needs him. So no for granted love here.

And many more issues that were shown in this couple’s lives like in any couples lives. The beauty was the solutions. They glided with ease and left the audience in awe of the characters. It makes one believe that if one sets their minds on loving this person for better or worse then nothing can stop them.

This is a dedication to all true love stories

We have some great stories of real life couples, separated by wars , societies, diseases and what not but they refused to give up on Love. The idea of love was romanticized for centuries by great poets, authors & artists. Then people started feeling like this is all cushy subject which may not be showing a true life image to the newer generation. Hence started these whole new kinds of stories which are filled with reality of ‘real’ day to day struggles and have left every body more thirsty for that connection with someone other than oneself. But every one around us have made us believe that its not reality and sooner or later, the attraction faded off and romance takes a back seat.

So not romantic, I tell you.

But are we really sure that there were and there aren’t couples who have actually won a lottery in this department? Have we really closed all doors for that true love which expects us all to give everything we have into the relationship?

I refuse to believe that true love does not exist and I am so glad that writers and directors of this series believed in it too. Every relationship in this sitcom had a moral compass towards someone’s heart. And David & Patrick were real couple goals.

A must watch Sitcom on Netflix.

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