My first trip of the year went simply awesome. If you have not read my blog about the trek to Dayara Bugyal then go ahead and read it below. The Dayara Bugyal blog bagged me the best blog prize in my trek group. I got a fab Bikat Adventure Tshirt. Yeeee.

However, the sad news is that I got warning from home to not be that reckless. Well I must add that being nomadic while you live with family can be futile. Look at me. Unfortunately I had to let go of my para Gliding trip in Bir. Shit!

Paragliding @ Bir-Billing

Just hope I can get some paid travelling. Hey listen I will write about you guys. Believe me. I am pretty fancy shmacy writer.

Oh well, you will take time in believing. Hmmm I get it.

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