They were close, very close. I knew what would happen at that moment but didn’t anticipate the feelings I would feel. When they touched each other and started to make out, I cried. Strange right? Who cries watching a make out scene?
Lets begin from the beginning.
10:00 PM on Friday night and there was a ton to do yet happened to browse Netflix. All I had been thinking since the last few weeks was how much I want to get away, away from all this around me- people, emotions, expectations and my own desires. But not everyone has the luxury of catching the next bus/ train/ flight to any damn place. Not because I won’t get leaves or because I am chicken shit but truly because I have bills to pay. Its a honest truth that people do not want to acknowledge when they shy away from breaking free from all that is holding them back. The very reason I am probably not very close to a lot of old friends as there was no way I could catch up.
But anyways, all this for another time. I am just saying that I know if I could- I would- in a blink of eyelid.
But at 10:00 PM on Friday night, I had another way out for a get away and that was a shallow binge-watch show on Netflix. Yes, I wanted to be a part of that generation which is hiding behind their screens and watching drama with wide eyes throughout the whole night gobbling multiple bags of chips and coffee. So what, if I join the cliche circus? Here it began, my journey into the world of a Bodyguard. I binged watch the entire season covered in blanket with hidden emotions which popped up from time to time.
The show is fantastic and I loved to see Rob Stalk (GOT Fan Girl) again and this time he was the only HERO without the shadow of John Snow’s success. Well, lets be clear, its not a fan blog. I did like the show but what I want to tell here is that something strange happened while watching this show. But before I say that, lets talk a bit about the story.
The plot is based in England and has a bodyguard, a handsome strong man and a Home secretary, a strong opinionated woman in power . There are many threats , political issues , conspiracies, failed marriages but in between all these are two people who are struggling personally with something we all are at some level- Loneliness. A life threatening incident to the Home Secretary brings these two together. Basically, a trembling woman who just got saved by this man somehow loses the sense of reality and gets drawn towards what I call an inflicted affection. Yes they make out and hence begins the full blown affair between this unlikely couple but what happened was not that simple.
The moment these two starts to unattached themselves from professional boundaries, you do not see a powerful politician and a duty bound bodyguard, you see a woman who has no one to comfort her in the her time of need and a man who has no home to go to. You see two people who had been so lonely that it almost feels like the world got new colors as they came close. The scene in particular was shot with utmost decency yet it was the most beautiful make out I have ever seen. There was Zero nudity yet it brought tears to my eyes. I think I still can not truly say what I felt. Its like getting into sunlight after a very damp cold week. You know what I mean? Its almost like something finally soothes your heart and brings you to this realization that in life, we make a lot of decisions and some brings us closer to our dreams and far away from people we could potentially love or other times, we find someone we truly can depend on yet things fall apart in a split second. In my opinion, we can say that we are not truly the kinds who need someone in our lives but mostly it happens to be only half the truth. I am still trying to find out if we all can survive or even thrive on our own or not. My understanding till this day is that it would nice we would all have some companionship in our lives. I hope those who needs it gets it when they need it.


β€œTo get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with.”
― Mark Twain

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