How I add Sabbath & hygge into my Sunday

The usual breakfast with my German family

I was blown away by their breakfast affair. The table would have a spread A few years ago, I went to Germany. I was blown away by their breakfast affair. The table would have a spread of cheese, sliced apples, strawberries, blueberries, cherry tomatoes, some meat slices, German Brotchen, Wurst spread, some leaves, and unlimited tea. This was a kings’ breakfast and I felt royal every day. (I do sometimes wonder if my ancestors were royal as I have this weird royal spoilt princess outlook from time to time. Well, if I was then someone better come and give me some royalty.)

I really wanted to try this when I went back to India. I woke up one day and kept what seemed like the entire fridge on our small dining table — my mom kinda freaked out with the sight on the table and after a couple of times, it also felt like it was too much chore after eating. This whole thing turned out to be so difficult: the television noise, family chatter, neighborhood’s chatters, and just nonavailability of those food items plus who has time like that when you are running to work on metro’s every day.

So, I kept this sacred treat for Sundays. I decided that on Sunday, I will treat myself to some good-looking spread.

I started to just make my own plate of toast, hummus, some Indian cheese, tomatoes, apples, and maybe some grapes and my chai with a big dash of happiness. I loved this time. So now, I not only had a beautiful morning ritual but also a great calming evening to myself. Tell me what’s not to love about this day? And yes, of course, I was pumped up for work the next Monday as I had really reset my gears.

The Current Life

My Now Plate

This is one thing I still do from time to time after moving to New York. One thing I always wanted was to have this as a family affair. You know, a Sunday breakfast or brunch with my husband and kids. Well, my husband is not a breakfast person & for him Sunday is a sacred sabbath day of one so I am still doing the self-plate and though loving it thoroughly, deep down I am waiting to make this a Pawar-Bechtel family tradition: A Loving Sunday.

I love my cozy calming mornings with Sunday-Specials and relaxed evenings with some simple food, symphony, candles, the love of my life around me, and some novels.

I am generally a big fan of introducing hygge into my everyday life and this is the best hygge Sunday for my body and soul. I hope by reading this, you also get inspired and try to find some quiet yet spark in your everyday life. Please find something, anything that gives you a deep calm, and add some hygge into your daily life.

So, I am a Sunday gal, and what about you?

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