It is a romantic time in New York: The leaves are falling, trees are slowly becoming brown, the breeze has a slight chill, and the sun is soft warm. I love this weather here and wish New York stayed like this forever.

I am new to New York and America for that matter, and this will be my first fall. From what I can see now, I understand why there is so much emphasis on fall here. It is an incredible time of the year indeed.
I am taking many long walks to enjoy this time to the fullest. There are stories hidden at each corner of this lovely city of dreams but at this time of the year, it’s more vivid:
-Like that old couple for whom winter was here and so were their cashmere sweaters,or
-That café owner whose latest pumpkin brew is gathering more crowd than ever, or
-Those daily office commuters; the moment they step out of the subway and breath the fresh they reminiscing the time they had last year under lockdown with no daily commute and more time in the air.

As I said, it is lovely.

I have a story of my own to share with all of you. Today being Sunday, which is my hygge day, I decided to go to Michaels and finally make that guilty purchase of yarn and some watercolor. I have been craving to indulge in some creative pursuits for some time. I finally decided that today will be the day.

The plan was simple – make that 1 hour-long walk to reach Michaels, buy my things and walk back. All this while breathing the fresh air and taking in all the life around me. There was no place for any drama in this plan but then drama took place.

My husband came from Gym and I asked him (just like that) – do you want to walk with me till Michaels and in my heart, I was playing – please say yes, please say yes. And He said – no, I think I want to stay at home.
And here it went, my mood and my lovely plan for the day. Thankfully, I caught myself in the moment and pondered to myself – what a sucker am I for love. We were fine in just 2 minutes when I told him what thoughts I had in the last 1 minute and he said – babe you are a love sponge. Oh well, that I am but I am also getting better at catching my silliness in quick moments.

I did go for my walk and enjoyed it thoroughly. The weather was, as expected, amazing.

Now getting ready to make some lemon garlic salmon and my candles are burning. I love this hygge day. How do you spend your weekends? Do you have a hygge ritual for yourself?

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  1. Well, there’s nothing wrong with being a sucker for these things. I can think of much worse items to have a soft spot for ;). I think it’s healthy to try and catch yourself when you have unusually strong emotions in small situations, but there’s no harm in just letting them ride through you and appreciate who you are. The weather in NYC looks beautiful, enjoy it!

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