Let me begin by asking you a simple question, How do you like to spend your valuable time? If it is reading then here is a tiny treat for you my friend. If you are like me who enjoys writing then welcome to my Fiction-Away-Time.

If I think about a relationship between me and my words and my life then I realize that I spent pretty much most of my life reading wonderful stories by a lot of amazing writers and listening to some kick ass music rather than hopping bars, visiting famous restaurants, pajama parties or friends night outs. It would be hard to sum all the books and genre here as there are just uncountable number of memories I have with all the books, blogs, comics I read. But I feel there was a pattern or the better word to describe pattern is an obsession. What do I mean by obsession?

Let me think, first there was a champak obsession where I would keep the freshly arrived copy hidden in my school books and read that while pretending to read my school stuff. Then after some time came classics obsession more so to prove people that I read classics (God only knows who was observing me and the books I read ;. Maybe my imaginary friend Alex- more about Alex some other time)). Moving on, after a long period of trying to understand classics there was a ‘mills and boons’ phase which can also be termed as “growing up” phase.  This phase had a partner and that was melancholic music and mostly Lucky Ali or Bryan Adams. Well, then there was a sydney obsession. I just had to read all the sydney sheldon books. What? You did not do that? Maybe you were busy living life : boorrrring. Sydney fans I want you to support me here please.

Then there was a big obsessive phase of Fiction and I was welcoming with both hands all Jhon Greesham, Sydney Sheldom, Jeffery Archer and rock music into my sleepless nights. I was that girl!

But as they say, we eventually grow up. (You only wish I did that)

Anyhow then somehow I stumbled upon Shiv Khera and my my it opened or I must say broadened the horizon for a new way of reading which was also a learning. The era had begun of Robin Shrama, Paulo Coelho, Khaled Hosseini and many more. These guys are way to special to let go of even now. So the obsession continues.

I loved all of you guys and as a child wanted to become like one of you but I could not choose which one was more close to my heart. But somewhere I feel that it would have been a close call between Khaled or Rowling if I had a gun on my head and had to make a choice.

But all these years had made me believe one fact that I can not be like any of these amazing writers and it took me a long time but finally I am actually happy with that fact. As I would be ME.

This is my world of infamous, raw, clueless, aimless writing. If you do end up enjoying my stories then please do leave a comment. I would go like this “smiley.jpg

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