God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers

Rudyard Kipling

Lets talk about her today.

Remember the last time you really looked at her? The moment when you saw for the first time that she is getting older? Do you remember the instant when you felt the strange worry that she might not be with you forever and a news flashed that she is not immortal like you always thought. So if I ask you that do you ever get worried about her then I bet your answer would be , ofcourse.

Its strange right that even after we become older, we still for some reason count on our mothers like they have this super power in them. If you have ever been my friend then you would know my mother. She is this over enthusiast when it comes to taking care of her kids and of every one she loves. She is over bearing in the right amount. In my teens when I would go to hostel after my summer vacations then my bag would always be so heavy that almost every time I would look out of the place- fat kid with a fat bag, I would think. But not my mom as she was sure that he daughter will die without 3 extra inhalers, extra food supplier, extra everything. She would pack food for me and my friends, medicines for the whole hostel I think and strange care packages which I could never think of packing but would always end up using. Later in life, my house became the bunk house for all college friends after graduation, be it for a night or a week or even a month as I lived in Delhi and every body has some work in Delhi atleast once in a year. My mom was this care giver who would never get tired taking care of me and my sis and my additional friendsss. I always loved that about her. But few years back I started to see that this is adding an additional weight of responsibility on her and I felt that I am being selfish asking her to do this for me. That was the first time I felt that she was not the same she had been 5 years ago.

Then here and there, I would see that she is getting sick more, looking weak more and taking way too much stress for us sisters. Me and my sister,we always try our best to spoil her and comfort her when we can but still we don’t do enough I feel. Like these days, our house maid is also in her home in quarantine and so the tasks of cleaning, cooking, giving bath to my granny and 10,000 more miscellaneous tasks are up for grabs. I do help around and almost everyday I broom and swab the whole house plus most days I give my granny bath assistance. But I don’t do enough and hey I have an excuse- I am working most hours of the day, have an autoimmune disorder which makes me tired quickly and did I mention that I work almost whole day? But when I finally take a break then I don’t want to do chores. I get tired.

side story- my mom was a nurse in her profession and she would work crazy shifts. She would come home, take care of our homework, our food, our clothes, dad’s food and dad’s clothes and she did this every day until both me and my sis left home for college. I am sure she would get tired but she never stopped.

Today morning, she stepped on the weighing machine, just like that and we found out that in last 10 days alone, she has lost more than 2 kgs. You know I kind of seen the change in her. She looks weak and pale. She hardly eats and she is always on her foot. I got scared at that moment and made a strong mental note- Its time to step up and be there for her.

Mom’s are that one person in our lives for whom we are more important than her own self and so is she for us. For me and my sis, she is. I could do anything for her but mostly we don’t and I don’t. We get busy and we take her for granted-all the time.

You know since this quarantine started, I wanted to wake up early, finish some of my personal tasks , workout , work an hour on my novel but I wasn’t doing any of that. You know why? I had no motivation. But I have now!

So from tomorrow, I am going to wake up at 6 am (to start with), give my mom bed tea and help her start her day slow. I am planning to take charge of morning breakfast and house cleaning. Plus I am going to start having my evening tea with my folks. That’s it, no escaping into my room at all times. World can wait.

I hope this has inspired you also to do one thing extra for that lovely lady of yours. She means well even when she bickers, I promise. Lets help her. She helped us when we could not even sit straight on potty seat.

Ending my post with potty seat but I know you get the point. So share with me your 2 cents on this.

An ode to all the lovely mothers out there- you are special and super woman.

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  1. I can’t explain everything on group, but the reality is that, I am daily feel now my mom getting old, still she never say to me for any work, before marriage I do worked with her in almost every task and learn everything which boys never like to do like cooking, how to clean home, how to clean and keep utensils in place, uniform press, selection of vegetables, even every market task, I learn everything, suddenly after marriage everything is change, today we all live together at home but no one talk with me and wife, I am fed up with such life and always pray to god when all this end up….very long…might be no end…hope u can understand.

  2. Hi Tarun, you are going through touch times. Stay strong buddy. Things will once again get better. Give it some time. Your love for parents is honest and soon everything will start getting better.

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