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The way I prefer to dig deep into a culture is through its local people. Once I pick a new country/culture then my favorite hobby becomes searching for people who are talking about their culture. This is my opinion gives the best honest view of a country. If you don’t know yet, I have picked Spain for this month’s culture express. The reason and a bit of what I already know are mentioned in this blog.

I have to admit that finding people from Spain was not the easiest, or maybe my goals are becoming too ambitious. By ambitious, I don’t mean that I look for famous people rather my eyes are searching for Spaniards who are spilling the beans on their true lives.

After months of looking, I have found the folks who are happily showcasing a side of their Spaniard life with the rest of the world. If any of you are also interested in digging into Spain’s cultural tidbits from lifestyle to recipes then follow these amazing people.

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Natacha Sanz Caballero


Natacha blogs about Spanish recipes but it’s not just a food blog. She has the most beautiful way of showing the culture of Spain engraved with recipes. My favorite recipe that I have tried over and over from her blog is Lentil soup with chorizo. The recipe I am going to make this week is her braised cod with white beans.

The link of recipe in the picture

Follow Natacha for her pure talent in recipes and storytelling. Her blog is at

Sincerely Spain

Image from Sincerely Spain Instagram

Sincerely Spain is a blog for expats in Spain by Dani and Claudia who are both American expats who live in Spain. Their blogs are really a true reflection of how life for an expat will be if they choose to relocate to Spain. They have blogs for easy Spanish on what to see when you visit Spain to more important things like giving birth as an expat. I personally really enjoyed their Christmas blog.

Follow Dani and Claudia if you are moving to Spain for a trip or for a longer stay. Their blog address is

James Blick & Yoly M

Youtube of Spain Revealed

I just love watching their Youtube videos about life in Spain. James is a kiwi who now lives in Spain with his Spanish wife Yoly. They both make amazing sit-down videos about the culture of Spain from their point of view. Gosh, I have binge-watched them so much that they are the top recommendation on my Youtube.

My favorite episodes are 10 Spain culture shocks and Epic Spanish Neighbourhood Grocery Trip.

It is a must-watch if you are looking for some fun Spain videos. Their Youtube address is

Millie Brereton

Instagram of Millie Brereton

Millie is the unique name on this list. I found her from her Instagram channel about Yoga in Spain. She talks a lot about how people in Spain are now moving towards more physical exercises than they have culturally in the past. She is passionate about yoga and her Instagram is a clear mirror of the Spaniard life. Her account is a more personal one for me as I really get to see what life is like through her lens.

She can be found at

Spain on Fork

Youtube of Spain on Fork

When I first started to find recipes, I found Albert’s videos. He is pretty much the only consistent food vlogger from Spain (at least from what I have observed). I have made so many recipes already and here are some that I tried a couple of times –

Seafood skillet, Fish in sauce & Creamy smoked salmon pasta

I am yet to try the paella and he has a very easy video on that –Paella

His youtube account is at

I hope you also like the knowledge these amazing people are sharing about the culture of Spain from food to lifestyle. Are you a Spaniard too and would like to get featured in the blog? Leave a comment.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing about our blog, Sheetal! We are honored to know that you have found our resources to be useful and we hope this shout-out helps someone else find the answers to their questions over on the Sincerely, Spain blog! Great article overall.

  2. Thank you Dani & Claudia for your generous comment. I have learned so much from Sincerely Spain and admire you guys a lot. I wish you guys all the very best for the future.

  3. Dear Sheetal, I’m so flattered you love my blog Mama Ía, and the recipes and stories I share. Thank you for featuring my blog in your magazine. I hope to continue to inspire you and invite you to cook the Spanish recipes I share

    Natacha xx

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