It never worked for me yet I always planned. I actually loved planning maybe because it gave me hope. Because of this, I could look out of my current problem into something far stretched but plausible. I would dive into this new idea with full force but soon will hit the wall. But like the girl I have always been, I would bang hard at the wall but would always bounce back with plan b.

Not sure at which plan I am at the moment, maybe plan n. who knows? But all this was within me and somehow I felt responsible for the failures as c’mon it has to be my problem as my plan didn’t work.  Today I felt relived when one of my closest friends actually pointed this out to me. She said, “I have been noticing since years that as soon as you make a plan, something goes wrong. ” and its so damn true.

Join gym -end up falling sick and leaving gym

Start a diet – end up falling more sick and leave diet

fall in love – end up getting cheated on and leave the man

Plan a business- end up going broke….. etc etc etc

A new desire just began couple of months ago to leave agony behind and start a family. Do you think that this plan will work? Already the God’s course has been set in motion against it but I’d say “lets wait and find out”.

Funny enough, I planned a new change today and bamm found out a new change in my life soon after that.

I guess, need to reinvent and show white flag.

Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

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