When I am at work then I prefer eating my lunch at my desk while working. Why? Because that way I can utilize my lunch hour for a walk after meal. Smarrrrt.

But when I am eating at home then I eat either while watching TV or these days watching something on any social media video platform as TV only shows sad news and one cant eat while watching that.

Well watching something while dining is I think an old habit. I still remember the time I was living in a small room as a paying guest in Bangalore. I was in my first job and was sharing this tiny room in a mediocre building with a very, how do you say it, sort of self proclaimed conspicuous girl. She weighed more than 100 kgs in her very early adulthood and was always boasting about how everyone at office thinks that she is a women of question because she has slept with two guys from work. I always felt strange when she would tell me these elaborate stories and it never bothered me. What bothered me was her uncleanliness and the room had this weird smell. It was not particularly bad but it definitely was strange. That hostel also had many rules like you wont get food after a certain hour so I almost every time would eat a bun with haldiram bhujia and a hot cut of chai which I would make in my room using a tiny water rod which I would insert in my cup. Yeah when you are a chai addict then you will find ways to make those.

Anyways so I would eat my lunch in that room with that weird smell and I would be alone but I hated it so I would play some latest rented dvd on my desktop. Its still going on, just that dvd has been changed in many forms , Desktop is turned into a laptop and the room surely does not have any weird smell.

But today I was pressed for time as there was a lot going on with my “work from home” situation. So I had no time to watch anything and that’s why I made a decision – To eat in silence.

Can I tell you a secret ?

I loved it. Its like you are so present when you eat alone and in silence. I used that time as meditation. Every time my mind went off to an area I brought the attention back at my quinoa and curry. Honestly I was full way before I usually am. I am going to try this now.

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