I am finally doing it…

At 11 pm I said goodnight to my boo and as always planned to go to bed at decent hour. And here I am at almost 1 am, browsing the net for a solution. I have Jane Austen’s Sense And Sensibility sitting by my side but I haven’t touched it after reading the first 2 pages.

I have been many things these last couple of days of being in lockdown due to covid 19. I have been scared, upset, angry, disoriented, enthusiastic and many others things. This new life that we all are living right now is so unpredictable. The world is suffering and if you watch the news for more than 10 minutes then you can easily have a panic types syndromes. Its scary out there and something that non of us thought we could have it. C’mon this is the thing for a blockbuster scary movie and not for a real life. But here we are.

In all this grim and hurt, there is something positive for everyone, or so I would like to believe. The nature is healing itself, we are realizing how little we actually need in life, the value of real people has gone up and most of us are at our homes. Imagine how it would be to go outside and sell things as we do otherwise , in some or other capacity. I know there are people who lost their jobs, had salary cuts and many more tragedies.

I am one of those who suffered indirectly through this pandemic. All these days when I had been working from home, my mind would go to this dark spot -I had it figured out. I was at the end of the tunnel of my own life and I was going to make it and this happened. Now I am not sure how long it will take for life to be normal again.

But there are so many positive sides – I am not sick, I have a job, I have the opportunity to work from home and I can finally find some time to do things that I really love. Plus maybe in few days when the whole work from home will get easier then I might also be able to work on my skills.

One thing I really love is to write. After my last blog today evening, few people sent me text to keep writing. I am going to do just that. A daily blog on the life during pandemic. Lets hope that I am not alone in this. I hope I have you all with me during this time.

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