I Care About Health When I Am Unwell

Hi Y’all, I have been thinking. Do we all feel grateful for good health when we have it? Or, when things go wrong, that’s when we get laser focus on in that area. It is mostly true for me. How about you? For me right now, is my health and it has been a point […]

Let The Little Joys Of Life Stay Alive

‘Be that girl’, ‘The process of famous writers’, ‘The French girl secrets’, ‘Learn life from Jennifer Anniston’,’ Blue zone habits’, ‘The fancy lives of Royals’. Have you heard of these?

I am a Sunday Gal

Everyone needs that one day when they feel extremely relaxed and revamped. And so did I. I needed one day to just be me- my goofy yet quiet self where I can put on a face mask and read till my heart’s desire.

I am a sucker for love

It is a romantic time in New York: The leaves are falling, trees are slowly becoming brown, the breeze has a slight chill, and the sun is soft warm. I love this weather here and wish New York stayed like this forever. I am new to New York and America for that matter, and this […]

I found what I was searching my whole life

He stayed even when he could have left. He listened even when I repeated myself over and over again. He was there to subtly push me to achieve more and to stay consistent when things don’t work. He loved me and truly appreciated me. He convinced me that I was loved & desired. He brought excitement and thrill with him. He gave commitment and trust.


There are many words which can only be translated in their native language since English has no related word for them. One such word for me is this Welch word Hiraeth. Hiraeth means a deep longing of a home that never was. Strange if you think about it. How can you miss something you never […]

Positive Effect Of Social Media – My Blabber

A common thought is that most our problems comes from comparing our lives to others on social media and how staying away is a good solution. We also keep saying how bad social media is and how the number of followers does not somehow correlate with the real number of close relationships.

Teasing The Happiness God – Day 8

brown ganesha figurine

Its actually funny because when I was deciding to start this daily series of ‘Cooking happiness in 2021’, I had one secret worry. It was that by aiming to find happiness in each day of life , I might be teasing the Happiness God and what if I offend the GOD? What if the Happiness God starts throwing me real bad situations and smirk to say – ‘hmmm, now find a reason to be happy m’dear’, almost like teasing me.

2020 – A Case Study

A whole lifetime or a blur???? Started with a great bang & promise. Got the best surprise of love in many years – Got proposed. Small trip with my best buds. A dhamaal wedding ceremony at house. Got promoted at work. Pandemic Hit Enjoyed the first month of lockdown with silent streets aka calm work […]