My Daily Routine In Quarantine

I could not wait to work from home and the moment it was declared , I felt happy yet so damn confused at the same time. It was not easy moving whole business remotely.

How Much We Actually Need

Every time some one from our family visits abroad , my sister asks for a bottle of perfume form her large list of famous perfume brands. In her own way, she is a perfume connoisseur. Since most of these famous French brands are relatively inexpensive outside India, she makes sure she gets one in her […]

Daily Life During Pandemic

Imagine how it would be to go outside and sell things as we do otherwise , in some or other capacity. I know there are people who lost their jobs, had salary cuts and many more tragedies.

The Health Talk- Sooner we start the better it is.

“‘The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.” VOLTAIRE Voltaire knew this in 18th Century and even warned people but we reduced his thought process to a famous Quote on The quote amused me a lot and not because I have a pickle with modern medicines rather I […]

I just need some time

to process… Its not a fancy blog. Its not a story which will inspire you. Its not even a cry for help. Its just my way to exhale and tell the world that its okay if I need some time. Its okay if you need sometime. Its just SOME time off from the rush, the […]

Worth It!

You don’t have to be a hero to make a change in the society

Life Update – September 2019

Ever noticed that quiet shy girl in your school who would stretch her sweater so she could somehow hide her body that she looked to be ashamed of? She was not always quiet as you could hear her yapping and laughing loud from time to time but somehow when she would meet some people then […]

Redefine : version 2.0

These past few months have helped me redefine what defines me. That sounded like a lunatic kind of poetry but it says what I want to say. I went through mountains and rivers,¬†fell several times on knees and back, Bled and wounded, I kept walking ahead. I waited for a friendly hand, held to hope […]

Netflix Addiction

              commute edition The metro is at its usual speed. Its busy part of the week and therefore its really crowded. Two girls got on in hurry and one could tell that they were friends as they had just one goal and that was to sit together. Finally after much needed push and pull, they […]