My Life With Type 1 Diabetes

How was my first gym experience after 3 years of living with a Chronic Autoimmune Disorder

I have always been a person who enjoys staying active; be it working out at Gym, going for a Power Yoga session, or a long multi-day Hike in the Himalayas.

11 lessons that changed my life in 3 years of living with Type 1 Diabetes (#7 is game changer)

Sitting lifeless on a sofa in Delhi I called my mother, “Mumma, something is wrong with me. I need to go to doctor right now”.


There are many words which can only be translated in their native language since English has no related word for them. One such word for me is this Welch word Hiraeth. Hiraeth means a deep longing of a home that never was. Strange if you think about it. How can you miss something you never …

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Positive Effect Of Social Media

Last year around June , I removed myself from all social media platforms because it started to create deep anxious feelings in me. But during last weeks of Dec 2020, I started to feel like I was ready to be a part of this world again. Anyways my hibernation did not really work. A common …

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Decoding How I Feel – Part 1

Imagine you are running a marathon. Each time you are close to the finish life, it moves feet ahead. You continue running and realize that it had moved 100 feet. This time as soon you are about to reach the next finish line, it moves again. You get angry and frustrated but keep running and …

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Is love enough? Sir – not a review

I had been waiting for this movie since it first released at Cannes festival and in Europe in year 2018 but sadly before I could watch. Finally it came on Netflix in 2020 and what a storm it was: stayed at top 10 for weeks. One of the major reasons, I wanted to watch this …

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Teasing The Happiness God – Day 8

Its actually funny because when I was deciding to start this daily series of ‘Cooking happiness in 2021’, I had one secret worry. It was that by aiming to find happiness in each day of life , I might be teasing the Happiness God and what if I offend the GOD? What if the Happiness God starts throwing me real bad situations and smirk to say – ‘hmmm, now find a reason to be happy m’dear’, almost like teasing me.

2020 – A Case Study

A whole lifetime or a blur???? Started with a great bang & promise. Got the best surprise of love in many years – life altering change occurred. Small trip with my best buds. A dhamaal wedding ceremony at house. Got promoted at work. Pandemic Hit Enjoyed the first month of lockdown with silent streets aka …

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