5 Favorite Recipes To Try From Nordic Countries

Every year the world happiness report picks up one of the Nordic countries as the happiest. This year, it is once again Finland, and let me say this, they are not happiest for no reason. When I embarked on the journey of researching 12 countries/cultures this year, the first on my list was, Yes the Nordic countries.

SIX Things I Noticed About New York City During My First Week Living Here

I moved to New York 10 months ago, filled with love & excitement from India. The only knowledge I had of New York and America, in general, was from my American husband or from sitcoms & romcoms. While on the one hand I felt terrified to be in a new country, on the other, I was in awe of everything. My husband found them amusing and so I started to record some of my observations about the Big Apple.

I am a Sunday Gal

Everyone needs that one day when they feel extremely relaxed and revamped. And so did I. I needed one day to just be me- my goofy yet quiet self where I can put on a face mask and read till my heart’s desire.