July overview of things I tried, lessons I learned, fears I tackled

I spent much of July in two modes -recovery from one or other health issues or a banging work routine. It is obvious which one of the two was my favorite. Yes, the working part was thrilling, but the painful health issues were like a deep soul massage. I hated those moments but they taught me things no good time can ever teach.

My First Week With Dexcom CGM

I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in my late 30s, precisely 3.5 years ago. Medically this is called LADA – Latent autoimmune diabetes in adults. In LADA, the pancreas stops making insulin for a variety of reasons which no one is aware of. This happens slowly over the year or maybe faster – we […]

I Care About Health When I Am Unwell

Hi Y’all, I have been thinking. Do we all feel grateful for good health when we have it? Or, when things go wrong, that’s when we get laser focus on in that area. It is mostly true for me. How about you? For me right now, is my health and it has been a point […]

A to Z of life in the New York City – Culture

The culture of any city is created and carried by its people. New Yorkers has made what New York is and has always been – a never-ending dream and also a place where dreams come true. New York is where the American dream is made.

A to Z of life in New York City – Balloons & Bagels

I saw this the day I landed in NYC from India and since then I have seen it so much that I am convinced – people love balloons in NYC. I know it sounds silly but trust me, the number of balloons I have seen on the streets top the balloons I have seen in my whole life. Not sure if this says something about this magnificent and mysterious city or about my life back in New Delhi

Follow these influencers for Spain & its culture

The way I prefer to dig deep into a culture is through its local people. Once I pick a new country/culture then my favorite hobby becomes searching for people who are talking about their culture. This is my opinion gives the best honest view of a country. If you don’t know yet, I have picked […]

Is there a healthiest country?

Before moving to the states, I had read that obesity is a problem here but I landed in NYC and I did not see that AT ALL. I saw joggers, trader joes, salad options, and people running to and fro the subway and they all seemed pretty fit me. I also did not see much smoking in NYC but that is only one state in America.

A to Z of life in New York City-Absence of Bidet Shower

Welcome to Part A of the A to Z of the New York Series. There are so many things to do in NYC and so many places to see. If that is something you are interested in then there are many blogs on that topic already and my friend, check those bloggers out. My suggestion […]