One good thing happened last year. I started revisiting Ayurvedic studies and principles and told myself – I will practice most since 2021. But no matter how hard I was trying, I was just not able to get up early morning to start my day at the right time as per Aryurveda. The problem was not with waking up rather the problem was trying to be a good girl and go to bed early which sadly was not happening.

Today I ripped the band aid off as I slept at around 2:30 but still forced myself to wake up around 5:30. The idea is that if I do this for one week in a row then automatically I will start falling asleep earlier than I am used to. But But But, the second and third days are most difficult as sleep would be catching up by then so if someone is listening then I could use some help waking up tomorrow and day after at 5 am. Or else I will simply use all the willpower in the world. Just hoping that I can sustain the habit long enough so it goes on autopilot.

The best day of my day was actually to wake up and feel the beautiful weather, follow deep breathing exercises and do some meditation. Nothing was perfect yet I loved it as I did it.

Sadly I know I can’t sleep for another few hours as I am guilty of biting more than I can chew, if you know what I mean.

But sayonara to all those who are reading and if someone is reading who was supposed to wake me up today but forgot. You have one more chance tomorrow. In any event, bye all.

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