Everyone needs that one day when they feel extremely relaxed and revamped. And so did I. I needed one day to just be me- my goofy yet quiet self where I can put on a face mask and read till my heart’s desire.

He stayed even when he could have left. He listened even when I repeated myself over and over again. He was there to subtly push me to achieve more and to stay consistent when things don’t work. He loved me and truly appreciated me. He convinced me that I was loved & desired. He brought excitement and thrill with him. He gave commitment and trust.

"What for dinner?” or “Aaj kya bana hai” is a common phrase you might have heard and said while growing up in your loving Indian family. Humans are the creature of habit and what creates strong habits than an age-old culture. 

We love to walk and what better place to walk than in New York City. 

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan stored my feelings in this beautiful song – Main Jahaan rahoon -Main Jahan Rahoon, Main kahi bhi hu, Teri yaad saath hai.

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I have always been a person who enjoys staying active; be it working out at Gym, going for a Power Yoga session, or a long multi-day Hike in the Himalayas.

Sitting lifeless on a sofa in Delhi I called my mother, “Mumma, something is wrong with me. I need to go to doctor right now”.


There are many words which can only be translated in their native language since English has no related word for them. One …

A common thought is that most our problems comes from comparing our lives to others on social media and how staying away is a good solution. We also keep saying how bad social media is and how the number of followers does not somehow correlate with the real number of close relationships.