At times, I really miss my home in Delhi. While I can not recreate the warmth of my family, I definitely can …

Every year the world happiness report picks up one of the Nordic countries as the happiest. This year, it is once again Finland, and let me say this, they are not happiest for no reason. When I embarked on the journey of researching 12 countries/cultures this year, the first on my list was, Yes the Nordic countries.

For this year, I have created a list of countries/cultures which are in news for a positive reason. For February, I took Nordic countries which include Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, and Norway.

I moved to New York 10 months ago, filled with love & excitement from India. The only knowledge I had of New York and America, in general, was from my American husband or from sitcoms & romcoms. While on the one hand I felt terrified to be in a new country, on the other, I was in awe of everything. My husband found them amusing and so I started to record some of my observations about the Big Apple.

Nordic Countries have been in the hall of fame for years. Due to their admirable performance in the world Happiness report. While Finland wears the crown (again) for the happiest country in 2021. The rest of the Nordic countries are in the top 10. One would think how can a country which experiences harsh winters be happiest in the world.

It has been 10 months since I moved to America. I’m embarrassed to say this, but only just now did I figure out currency in America. Learning the coinage of the United States has clearly not been a priority for me. In our day-to-day life, there is very little association with physical money exchange.

What Does SISU Mean

Have you ever googled 'Why is Finland the happiest country in the world'? There are many reasons behind that and one is SISU. Read my book entry on SISU: The Finnish Art of Courage.

Being an Indian who has lived her whole life in India, my idea of Las Vegas was what I had gathered from movies. The very first image I remember having of Vegas is from Shahrukh Khan’s song ‘dil diwana’ from the movie Pardes.

‘Be that girl', ‘The process of famous writers’, ‘The French girl secrets’, ‘Learn life from Jennifer Anniston’,’ Blue zone habits’, ‘The fancy lives of Royals’. Have you heard of these?

I am so happy to share this. Last month, I and Jonathan went for a small yet challenging hike to Bull Hill, …