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I saw this the day I landed in NYC from India and since then I have seen it so much that I am convinced – people love balloons in NYC. I know it sounds silly but trust me, the number of balloons I have seen on the streets top the balloons I have seen in my whole life. Not sure if this says something about this magnificent and mysterious city or about my life back in New Delhi. But the balloons fascinated me and my only regret now while writing this article is to have not taken enough pictures of real people with their beloved balloons. Well, I did not want to seem like a stalker so that’s that. 

Initially, I would ask Jonathan, why are there so many balloons? Is there a custom here that if you are invited to a birthday party then you must bring the balloons with you? Jonathan was surprised at my observation and he had not given it any thought before I popped up in America. For him, it is very normal – you just take a balloon to a party. He got me a few on my birthday and they cheered me up like a kid cheering for the candy.

But it’s not only for a party – you have balloons for barbeque, central park picnics, photoshoots, proposals, weddings in parks, house parties, and generally for singing in the spirit of spring. And you know how the city is – narrow & crowded streets, subway commutes and a lot of walking to and fro the destinations. So you are bound to see a lot of balloons everywhere, especially during spring. So keep your eyes up for it when you are in NYC.

Photo by Robert Gareth on Unsplash

The second thing that starts with B and rests with L (love) in my heart is New York City Bagels. These are literally the best kind of starchy bready carby food I have ever put in my mouth. Or maybe second best as my absolute favorite is still the German Brotchen and maybe the Italian pretzel comes third on this list.

My only knowledge of Bagel came from Sandy Cohen in The O.C and his morning obsession with bagels. Then when my sister Nidhi visited NYC with her husband, she loved the bagels a lot. She would often tell me to bring for her when I am visiting India. Well, I will when I will. Bagel it is sis!

And let me tell you about the first time, I ate my first bagel. It was after a long bike ride in central park and was in a Manhatten cafe which was not one of the top bagel cafes in NYC but what can I say, that piece of poppy seed bagel with scallion cream cheese rocked me, and also my blood sugar. Like any true love, it is toxic for me and my type 1 diabetes but I still love it when I can.

Yes, it is bad for my blood sugar but that does not stop me from promoting it to you all people with metabolic privileges. Eat Your Bagel and Buy A Balloon and Go To Central Park. See, I created a love story already. 

So these were my number two for this A to Z of life in New York City series. Wait for C, you will love it.

Tell me, do you also quietly observe everything around you? The wallflower in me gets you!

Keep observing and share the stories ( you can whisper here if you want to keep it a secret). Hush….

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