Do You Miss Your Dreams?

What are dreams? Are dreams same as ambitions or is it that we dream as a child and as we grow, we name that as ambitions? I dont know the difference so much to say but I feel my dreams keep me alive and I become this giant person in my mind when I am dreaming and my ambitions are mostly my ways to achieve my dreams- Like the ducks in the road is sort of one after another miles stone that would get me closer to that big dream.

But I had another dream throughout my life until my last major mishap in life.Until then which is precisely 6 years ago, I had always dreamt of being a dancer. In my imagination, I was this poised dancer on the stage and the finale would make people stand in awe of me and I am thins enormous person with swelled up capillaries with that accolades. But I took a turn or maybe missed a turn which was meant to be a path for my ultimate dream.

Is it normal to have such big desires and then to never get around to doing that. I am 33 years old soon and maybe I really missed my chance to be that dancer. But I do have my other dreams and ambitions and I feel passionate towards those too but when I listen to the beat of a song, I am a different person inside.

So what were your dreams as a child?

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