The Saddest part

I am a sucker of ‘Sex and the City’ sitcom and I have seen all the episodes (several times) of all the seasons. Its obvious I have my top 10 favorite scenes and the worst scenes and then the top 10 scenes that made me very sad.

If you have not seen the sitcom, not even the movie then probably today’s blog is not for you. Although human emotions are as common as it gets for anybody and so you might just get it what I am about to say. Now, there are many scenes across 7 seasons of Sex and the City where you will feel teary, emotional and sad with a pinch of hope …. that’s the recipe of any major popular disastrous oriented sitcoms. SATC is far from a disastrous one but if you consider the matter of hearts worth the potential of  major destruction then you would know what I mean.

I feel there are several places where my mind goes when I think of the moments that touched my heart with some sadness and hopefulness. On top of my head I can think of these-

  • when Carrie begs for forgiveness from Aidan for cheating on him.
  • Samantha find out she has Cancer.
  • Charlotte suffers depression because of her miscarriage.
  • Carrie feels lonely in Paris and there is a scene where she is sitting in a beautiful cafe in  Paris and wearing a beautiful dress and eating macaroons all by herself while feeling Damn alone.
  • When Big realized that its Carrie he wants.
  • When Steve’s mom eats Pizza from a garbage can.
  • MIranda’s mothers passing away and at her last ceremony Carriers character recites in mind “there is a kind of support you ask for and then there is support you don’t ask for” and makes you instantly remember all the people in your life who have showered you with unconditional love.

There are many but I feel that The Most Saddest one for me was when Carrie goes to meet Big after his heart surgery, they have laughter and togetherness. Before falling off to sleep big mumbles how important Carrie is for him and that he has missed his opportunity in life with her and this puts Carrie and us in a very sweet spot but the first ray of sun vaporizes all the feelings from his heart and he is back with being Mr Big (confused about love and wanting or not wanting Carrie). But surprisingly,  Carrie swallows it like a Calcium Tablet which is odd taste at first but then a lot familiar and then its gone.

I am sharing the link of that scene here.

Watch the scene

The song that plays at the end is the winner -Zero 7, The Waiting Line. Must add in your library – Waiting In Line

“Wait in line
‘Till your time
Ticking clock
Everyone stop

Everyone’s saying different things to me
Different things to me
Everyone’s saying different things to me
Different things to me
Do you believe
In what you see
There doesn’t seem to be anybody else who agrees with me
Do you believe
In what you see
Motionless wheel
Nothing is real
Wasting my time
In the waiting line
Do you believe in
What you see”                                                                        

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