even after It will pass!

Have you experienced this before that when some sort of sadness enters your system then even after you have resolved the issue there is still some kind of emotions left which strike as aftershocks? You mostly remain fine for the whole day but you insanely feel hungry at all times and you feel pathetic at eating all that crap and then you start to feel sick as your body can not take this pain of too much food in it.  But still you are holding up strong, you are trying to be in the moment and you are ready for tomorrow BUT then it takes place all over again. Something happens and your tear glands simply gets activated at the slightest of matter.  Now its back for a while and rather than trying to stop it,  better to embrace it, spend some time with it and bid adieu.

Some moments of freaking loneliness also forces to question yourself on why you are not asking for help when you are not able to overcome this on your own but the funny fact comes to surface when you realize that you did ask for help.. several times from people. You did ask them to assist you, help you in getting out of the current situation, they gave hopes and almost made you belief that they have that ONE TRICK which will magically take you out of the situation you are in also BUT they forget quicker than saying it as lets face it, you are not the priory in their lives.  Then you chase them for days with feeling of desperation, guilt and sometimes shame and you get the same response over and over again that they just got busy and help is on its way.

So here comes the biggest moment of all – when you realized that no one can help you at the moment so what do you do? Wipe your tears and pick up the broom and sweep the floor Crystal clean– all by yourself.

You feel sad and start to question yourself for all the effort you are putting in your personal and professional life. Who is valuing you? You are doing hard work, is there someone who notices you? You are working for a greater purpose and yet you feel at times that you are lost in transit? You worked hard for long time and without recognition you feel you have wasted precious hours of your life and at end whats happened?

You must have figured that I am talking about myself and it is highly unlikely a satire.

But then something happened… I saw this small video on Facebook where a woman was sharing her pregnancy news with fiance. The guy is in US Air Force and is posted somewhere so the girl sends him this puzzle and pregnancy news over mail and asks him to record his expression as he find out. His expressions were timeless. It really made me feel that maybe when all sucks in life and you are with that one person who makes you feel loved and secured then thats all that would matter. Right?

Sometimes all you would need is the comfort of those arms or maybe those words telling you nothing new per se but still soon the world would look much brighter. Lets wait for that day. Shall we? I am speaking for all of us. Maybe its best to keep fighting alone like a one man ninja… cry but pick up yourself and fight back and then repeat… I silently pray to the God that if you happen to fall hard and loose the courage to stand back up then you should have that someone in your life whose one touch, one word can make you feel like you are not a complete failure.


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