Lunch Box

I have mentioned earlier in one of my blogs that I travel for almost 5 hours every day to and fro work and this basically means that I spend crucial amount of my daily time either in metro or at work. Its sad right? But this is what it is. Anyhow, initially when I started travelling I used to read a book/ newspaper in morning and listen to the music on my cellphone in evening but after a while the sound of Pink Floyd started irritating my ears then I switched to my all time heroes Coldplay but that too failed to accompany me for a long time so then I switched to ‘play by itself mode’ where song enque itself. I went on like this for a while but it got hell lot boring so I decided to be like one of those who watch some sort of video on their mobile. Let me be honest with you here, I used to judge these people as I always used to feel that these are the people who do not have a life. I mean people who keep checking their Facebook feeds or people who watch latest movies on their cellphones and specially the people who try to look at the screens of other people. Yes I know you know these people.

But there came a time when I finally downloaded a Youtube video as offline on my cellphone and I clearly remember that the first time I took my phone out of my pocket and opened that video I was embarrassed as hell. Not because I was breaking a fricking code or something but because I felt that what I was watching was not private at all. I mean I felt like every one around me wanted to watch MY video.

To cut story short, it look me a while to open Youtube without hesitation on my cell phone. But I wanted to be true to myself hence I kept the access of Youtube limited to Ted Talks, Famous person’s interviews, new inventions, documentaries but slowly I introduced Indian YouTube series, Casey Neistat, Jaby Koay, Mostly Amelia, Permanent Roommates  – you get the point BUT till date I have only seen 3 movies on my cell phone- Udta Panjab, Masaan and today Lunch Box. So maybe I am still just testing the waters.

Wait a minute, I started the blog to talk about Lunch Box but look at my intro.. Damn I need to learn a lot.

So what about Lunch Box? Is it about making lunch boxes? Hell No!

I genuinely think that this is one of the movies which should be on your bucket list of movies. The story revolves around two strangers who happen to get bonded by this Lunch Box which reaches a wrong person. Not only the movie is well directed where you would feel yourself living the Mumbai Beat as they call it but also feel the life of all those Non MNC goers, local train travelers, dabbawallas, and basic human struggle.

There are few scenes in the movies which I personally feel are remarkable and more than marvelous and these are the scene where one can feel the simplicity of one human being. Two of such scenes I really liked are-

Scene 1- Siddiqui asks Irfan khan to visit his home for dinner on the same day and although Irfan khan would like going there, he panics. He says – well I will come but not today as I have some important work at home where he knows that what await for him at his home is emptiness, packed food, a novel and his pajamas.

This is so me. I mean this is so us. Yes not all the times but most of the times I would hate going somewhere unannounced. Its like I need to let my pajamas know that I will be late today.

Scene 2- Irfan is reading Nimrat’s letter where she is asking him to meet her in person and he smiles while reading. Its like he can not stop smiling.

This just happened to me while I was walking back home today. I kept the call and could not stop smiling. I tried hard to bite my lips but I was just smiling. 

So thats why I feel one should and must watch this movie. It reinforces the fact that simplicity is often times taken as unwanted characteristic but all the things that last long in our memory and life are the things which are simple. We loose the awesome drink party memory but always remember our friend who dropped us home. We enjoy the promotion but what we keep with us are the simple things we loved doing like sipping coffee in the morning.

Let us try and keep that simplicity alive somewhere in us. Let us not join the herd. Your life deserves to be treated well and with honesty.

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