Recipe of Happiness!


This is my favorite topic in the world to discuss upon. I can talk on this for hours at a stretch and I think this is the ONLY subject on which I have delve the most in my life till date. What makes people happy? Why some always find a balance in difficult times whereas others totaly cave in? What makes someone eventually cave out and look for happiness and the above all topic- Can Happiness be really pursued?

I have having a discussion on this with Mr Hanson and he was really intrigued to know my take on “finding / pursuing Happiness” and I could tell that he really wanted my thought on this. So I am going to write the exact same thing which I told him.

I think Happiness can never be solely pursued. BUT wait a minute, isn’t it that we were always taught to run for happiness, find happiness and then stay at happy state? Well that’t where the seed of the major epidemic of Happiness Issues began.

All of us were taught ways to find it and then hold it and I was also on the other side of river until few years back where I thought that ‘I want to be happy’ and ‘I am looking for happiness’ and what happened is what should have happened – I kept looking and got lost in the enormous amount of exercises people do to achieve that state of eternal bliss. Maybe that sure comes from some forms of meditation for a while until you sitting in Sukhasana but we are not meant to be seated in a calm sensory mode but we are here to fight a daily battle and we need to feel happy and content in that life. So, all that fad faded away and as always my intrigue nature took me to this quest of human psychology.

I started noticing trends and I started living my life each day as it comes – slowly and steadily. I don’t know when the euphoric moment happened but I can actually write a detailed book on all the things I did to evolve my personality from finding Happiness to living it. I am still the same person yet a complete different human being. I am on this side of river now and my utmost desire is to help as many people as I can to swim across. So as I was saying I started noticing a lot of people, started questioning them on why they feel unhappy and stuck and realized that the ground breaking question is this-

“What do you do after you reach home?”

It was not a surprise when almost every body would answer saying -ummm we watch TV, eat and sleep, talk over phone, watch news etc ect.

Okay so my next question –

“What do you do in your free time?”

Well, I read book, I go out for drinks, I meet friends etc etc.

So , my dear friend who is in search of eternal bliss, there is a famous saying my Great Kabir in Hindi saying -“boya ped babool ka aam kahan se khay”  meaning “You have sown seeds of Babool tree..don’t expect mangoes from that.”

So we have to give time to ourselves and find that thing which makes us work even after we have worked 10 hours at office. Mr Hanson says “two things makes us happy – Someone to love and a thing to do”. And that’s the basis of Happiness Y’all.


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