They will be who they are!

I had a terrible day today. It felt like everything was falling off its place and I could not do anything. There are quiet a lot of things on which I can rant today but maybe I do not want to coz I am afraid. Why? I have never been conscious about what I speak or write before and my way of life is very simple: be who you are and say what you think. But recently I have had this fear of loosing someone very dear to me if I don’t stop ranting. I know that’s not going to happen but maybe I have to step up and concur my fear.

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So instead of ranting I will share one incident that happened on my way back from work today. I was as usual standing in the last stretch of my metro ride and saw her once again. She was unusually a simply dressed person. She got in and found a corner in the metro. She went and sat on her knees facing the wall side and her back was towards the public. And she started her Sudarshan Kriya. Now if you do not know what Sudarshan Kriya is then it might look a bit strange to you. It is a meditation technique taught in Art Of Living program. I have done that once in my life and I have seen the profound effect this technique has on human state of mind and body.  This female started doing this meditation and one could sense the discomfort over people’s faces. Some passed sly smile and some just kept staring at her. Still this is not as bad as last time as then there were a group of three girls who could not control their amusement and laughed as hard as they could for the entire time of her meditation. They were so loud that almost everybody stared at them instead of that female doing meditation. This did not happen today and I strongly feel that the reason behind this was that no two females were in company of one another. Almost everyone was travelling by themselves.

This forced me to place different people from my own life in that metro (alone or with someone) and I imagined ‘how they would have reacted?’. I think most of my close friends (if travelling alone) would have simply ignored this incident and if travelling in group then probably some of them would initiate a conversation about this and few would end of hysterically laughing. So what is it that makes people drop nicety and wear a cloak of teaser? Maybe its the “cool attitude” where you are the supreme power and everyone who looks different is a questionable artifact. Its a fact that when people are in group then every time 80% the group behaves like ONE person who mostly is the loudest person in the group. Imagine “mean girls”. Whatever….

In all this drama lets not forget to praise that woman who did what she wanted to do despite of being laughed at. She continued doing her Sudarshan kriya and I felt so proud of her. God bless her!

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