Am I promoting Body Shaming?

For as long as I remember I have been worried about the way I look and if I think about it then this habit completely stopped when I was living in Bangalore. Does that mean that Delhi has to do something with this?

I am not sure but you can let me know if a city or culture effects the way we look at ourselves. But I do know that when we point at others constantly then somewhere we are putting ourselves down and its been ages that I have felt insecure. However, I do not feel that this is because of only weight as I have had the most beautiful friend Allison sharing with me that she has insecurities too and to that I felt “what do you have to care about?” and to that she answered as simply as a girl can “oh hun its the normal insecurities that all girls have” and I realized at that very moment that its not about the jiggle of my thighs but the issue is far more bigger than just weight or skin color.

We have grown up watching advertisements which claim to make us pretty and maybe that has registered something in our brain that ‘we are not originally pretty’ and maybe this is the reason that when someone dumps us we instantly start counting at the issues with us to find out his reasons. Like maybe because he found someone prettier or maybe he did not like to go down on me as my cellulite appears to dark or maybe because my nails break too often. I don’t know but I hear a lot of girls saying this when they break up or do not find a person and who am I kidding, I say harsh stuff about myself too.

What is the remedy ? I used to feel that insecurity vanishes when we are loved by someone no matter what but I feel that’s not all. It vanishes only when we accept our all aspects with utmost genuinity¬†and love. If I look at myself then I would ask this question to my reflection in mirror- if I have the capability to accept everything about my guy , my friends, my folks then why can I not accept my jiggly self?


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