When things don’t go as planned?

My first thought at this: it sucks!

My second thought at this: change your thought as soon as you can.


Sometimes I feel that I have not learned anything and my friend shilpi tells me that “tu rajkumari hai na and that’s why you have to be silly at all times”. She was referring to my nature of accepting and nurturing all relationships – even the life sucking ones. You need friends like Shilpi in your life and you know why? Because they can be harsh when they have to be and at the same time you know that they will fly and come to see you if thats what is required. And I actually kind of agree with her and I feel this is going to be my biggest learning this year: eliminate the energy sucking vampires from my life.

I get into this mode a lot that “oh if I say this then they will feel bad or if I do that then they might get hurt” and at all times “they” don’t give a shit about me. I am sissy that way. I wonder how Mr Hanson fell for me. Kudos to the man.

But my dear friend Shilpi is awesome in making me see the light in the most realistic way ever. Love to her.

Now about the bad life part- well yes things didn’t go as planned and I was crushed. BUT what did I say earlier about resilience???? It came to me at the right moment but this time I needed external pressure from my closest buds including my little girl to get a grasp of stuff floating all over place. I had to be told to stop crying and understand that this is for the best and when I needed fresh air – I had another bud waiting with LIIT and chilly cheese toast. I loved all that love I got and I did not miss a chance to thank GOD for the friendships I have in my life. I AM THE LUCKIEST GIRL ALIVE. I mean this as I see people suffering each day and running behind people to find true friends and even though they feel they have a true friend they really are being descriptive to themselves and to that true friend. Maybe we ought to drop the act and only then we get a life we dream of. ┬áThank you for all the special people in my life and the people reading this blog and to my one and only. May we meet soon.

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