I fell off the wagon!

So I have been absent for last 6 days and what happened was “I lost the grip and tripped over to the sidelines”. In normal words- I got way too busy in my not so busy lifestyle. It happens all the time right that we start something and then all of a sudden we loose the charm and one miss leads to another and then another and before we know it we have lost the desire to sit back straight on that writing chair. BUT I decided to not let that happen to me this time. Yeah, I mean it has happened a lot many times in my life.

For example, when I deiced to quit sugar for the first time then I did it for 4 days like a pro then I had one miss day and drank tea with sugar and then one more and before I knew it was on SUGAR. From that point it became very difficult to come back to the point of No Sugar again.

But things have changed and I have realized that I take time in my general life to get things under my skin. Currently I am a happy NO SUGAR person. I relish my chai without cheeni and I never knew this day could come so this gives me a push to slide my chair out, sit and write.

I am back.

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