Something New!

There is going to be a short blog today as lets face it, I am damn sleepy. But I still wanted to give you all one update and that is regarding my new year so called wish list/resolution/bucket list.

Yes, I know I said before that I am not going to make any resolution per-se this year but there are few things I decided to do to improve myself. I will be disclosing those things slowly – one by one during our journey. So one of the things which I decided is “To Learn Something New” each day. This learning is supposed to be a learning everyday which makes me better than yesterday since I am on this goal of self improvement. You are laughing? Well, don’t.

I truly believe that the day we stop learning we stop living so lets live and lets learn.

About my daily learning ritual I have decided to invest some amount in reading about things that catch my attention and these are the topic if I am asked to speak on it then I might not be able to like ‘capitalism’. I know what this one word could contain but I will feel little jittery if I am asked to write a blog dedicated on this. I feel like I don’t know a lot about this concept like how did it come in picture etc. Also, with this bookish learning I am also dedicated to learn a lot of business aspects and things about my being. These are the things which life will teach me as it teaches all of us only if we are ready to take lessons.

Like today. If you know me as a person then you would know that argument or yelling is not a part of my personality. For argument sake I only have that with two people in my life – My sis and My mom but even that has reduced tremendously as even though I might get angry I would not feel like using all that energy in argument. I would simply give up and make peace with the fact or walk away.

But today I snapped out at someone as it was literary the breaking point of business for me. Afterwords I felt terrible and wanted to call and apologize to the person but I LEARNED that sometimes its important to be little stern in work environment. I can not be a good leader if I am not able to convey the message of discipline.

Please comment and let me know that you also snap out and that at times it is important and that I am not a horrible person like many leaders. To be frank I was not that rude but I made a point of my disappointment.

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