There is a force behind us!

You know what kind of movies I mostly like? Motivational.

I mean not the kind which says “do this and do that or be like this or that” instead the kind of movie in which a force/ a mass/ entire human kind is united against a bad demon. It sounds quit filmish but yeah if I look back at the kind of movies which made me teary with a smile then these are the movies and examples are many like “No one killed Jessica, Border, My Name is Khan, and my all time favorite Rang De Bansanti”. Today I happened to see the same kind playing on TV – The legend of Bhagat Singh.

The story of Bhagat Singh has always inspired me as a child and I always questioned a lot of great freedom fighters of that era in my head that why did they not help him when he needed the most. As an adult I know the answers and the political drama which unfolded at that time. Its like an awesome scene from ‘House of Cards’ where kevin Spacey is willingly sacrificing his wife. Well, lets not get into this debate in this blog. What I wanted to mention was that while I was watching this movie I was again reminded of the fact that “There is a force behind all of us”. What makes normal people stand united for a cause. The most recent example I saw in my country was of “Nirbhaya” but its a global phenomenon. Take for example “Women’s March in American”. What is it?

We all sit comfortably at our desk in office but something happens and there is a voice in us which asks us to DO SOMETHING. Do we feel the pain of that ONE person? Do we really care about our COUNTRY? Or its the fact that we all are connected from within but our daily life schedule has forced us to shelve our the most natural instinct to be SAFE. What do you think is the reason that we get ready to face the consequences fearless if our brothers and sisters connected by a cause needs us?

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