I read one of my old blogs this morning and I felt such peace at heart with the fact that I am not part of the race. But then who am I? I am definitely not running behind ducks in the row but then what are my aspirations in life? I feel all those people who basically feel super awesome for few days of getting their salary, feel enchanted by party crowd and feel immensely sad at low grade life tantrums are far better than me.

Why am I saying it?

Well because atleast they know which duck to attach next whereas I am running behind shadow. So what if in my head it blooms into an eclipse. For everyone I am delusioned. So what if I can clearly see my self at end of the tunnel.

What ever I will be is what I should be and for today I want to share that same blog with you all which lighted my day this morning.

What do I wish for?

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