Heard about Chronic Tiredness?

When I was living in Hyderabad then I used to work in night shifts for a while. The shifts were almost eating my life in a way I could not have imagined. When I would reach home then I would prepare the lunch and dinner and then go to sleep as by doing this I would be free in mind but there were times when I changed clothes and went to kitchen and felt my legs snapping. Yes snapping like how we snap our fingers some times and I felt like I would fall flat on floor and fall asleep. I knew that this was because I was not getting my sleep. I was also not very motivated at that time hence I was mentally lethargic too.

Once again these days I feel the same sort of physical tiredness and although I feel mentally agile but at times it feels like all I need is 8 hours of sleep. This time around I am running short of time in my daily life. I am constantly on the move with my office commute, office work, daily blogs, daily cooking, taking care of my relationships and important future endevours which are making me think extra hours. As rightly said by Mr Hanson, I am running in an hamster wheel but with a twist. My hamster wheel has different angels at every edge and every time I reach a face I encounter a new thing but I have to constantly keep moving ahead or else? There is no “or else” in my life.

But even then I am currently suffering from Chronic Tiredness and there are times when I get pissed for no reason only I know the reason: I need sleep.

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  1. As rightly said sleep is important. But when you are running from one task to another in your day, and falling short of time to do things, then after sometime you do need to relax, take a deep breath, smile and pad your back that you been doing good work. It needs a lot of discipline and thats’ not everyone’s cup of tea.

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