Two sides of a coin!

According to an Indian mythology we all are the parts played in the imagination of our God Lord Vishnu. It is said that he is sitting in his divine imaginative pose and picturing all of this merely as a piece of imagination. What does that tell about us? We are fictional characters who are simply taking our lives damn seriously when in reality we are just nothing. Imagine what would happen if Lord Vishnu opens his eyes and starts his normal day to day life? If that happens then we will evaporate into nothing, into space, like air, like zero which will remain non existent once gone.

I am not sure if all this can be counted as true or not. I am not commenting on this but this philosophy often gives me a rage to live life more simply and to be more accepting of the drama we call life. Even shakespear once said “All the world’s stage”What if all this is actually a drama played by a director? What if all the circumstances we get stuck in and all the people we meet are purely an act of entertainment for someone on whom we have no control over? If this is true then should we not take things easy? Yes of-course.

Think about it and you are bound to be feel much lighter. All the things we worked so hard for could be merely nothing and all this while we were actually making a fool of ourselves by being so serious about everything:  the guy we love, the future plans, the parents health, the job, our passions and our life. But then what if this is how it is meant to be.

There is one more philosophy which says that all souls are created once and all the births after the first birth is a repeat birth only for that soul to learn a set of things which s/he could not learn in part life. Let’s take a seed for the illustration of this example. The seed is the soul which took birth for the first time. As a usual seed life it was planted in soil but the seed could only fight a war to stay put in the soil in its first life. Somewhere in between it dies. In the next birth the seed will be in soil but will remain strong to fight the soil as it had mastered that art of willpower in previous birth and this time the seed grows but dies again after first encounter with harsh sun. You guessed it right, the seed will be given birth once again and this time not only the seed will grow from soil but will also face the harsh sun with pride and along the way it will encounter fungi and die and the process continues.

We humans could also be like this. We see in life that some people can tolerate a lot of hardship like a death of loved one but some can not even tolerate breakdown of their car so maybe this difference comes from all the previous births and the effective enlightenment in the process.

I like this philosophy a lot in life. It makes me feel lighter when I am hit with a storm which sometimes a self created storm and other times forced upon me which I would have to face head on but what ever that is, it always tarnishes an outer layer of soul a bit. When something like this happens then like a usual person I also question God the same things: why did this happen to me? Why did I not choose something simpler? Why did I end up like this where I feel lost and can not see a brighter path ahead? But I take a few deep breaths and realize this philosophy. I am stronger and this is meant to be the way it is so that I could learn some more patience. I am stronger than my last birth and this time I can let go of lot of resentment and move ahead with this choice very easily, only I have to keep faith in myself and my ability to accept everything that comes with it as in my heart I know that I am loved and am cared for and this is where I should remain.

No Matter What!

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