In a snap!

You know that I have been writing a book since ages. It’s so cliche right? Everyone is writing atleast one book right now, some are writing in head and some who are like me are finding connecting dots in the story. The major problem I face while writing book is to connect one part to another since my book involves some time travel. So let me try and write this blog like a story. Let me try and bring together a picture for you and for myself. If I succeed then let me know.

I got up this morning with a heavy head. You know the heaviness which we know will get converted into a bad cold? That’s what I woke up to: a really bad cold. I think I sneezed atleast 1478 times today. And I am sure that it happens with everybody that when you have this jarring cold then you are a misfit for any job and the same applied to me. I was such a retard at my job today that completion of a single task gave me so much kick which I don’t get on usual days when I atleast do 5 things at one time.

Anyhow, the day ended and I reached my metro station after sneezing and coughing the whole way back in metro ride. For some reason when I got down from the metro I didn’t take rickshaw and decided to walk back home even when I felt terribly sick. There was something in the weather. I wanted to walk. As I walked, the cool winter breeze hit my face and I walked with hands in my pocket, bag on my back and emptiness in my eyes. I missed something terribly and then something happened. I turned towards a street which was empty like no one ever lived there. This was so unreal to find a silent street in Delhi at this time of evening. But I found one and although I should have been worried walking all by myself in a country which has globally marked itself as an unsafe place for women but I didn’t care at that moment. As I walked, I remembered the words of my Art Of Living teacher that life passes you by in every snap moment. One snap and you lost a moment and all these snaps together can form a simpler and easier life far away from pain, remorse , judgement and loneliness. Once we get to understand the value each moment possess, I assure you that the vision broadens. I mean the actual vision in front of our eyes broaden and the colors look more vibrant like someone has increased the contrast just a little bit more. 

It feels beautiful. Life feels beautiful.

That moment I started noticing each moment passing by and I felt things I usually don’t feel like the breeze touching the nape of my neck, the weight of my bag resting peacefully on my shoulder, a banner in front of me… It’s funny that I cross this street everyday but I never saw this banner before. 

While walking I felt like playing ‘throw stone’ game. I just formed this name for a game which we used to play as a child. The basic funda of the game is that you kick a stone, a pebble or an object lying stray on the street till a certain distance and then you walk towards that and kick again. You do this until you loose the stone or interest. Simple I reckon?

Where will I find stone on middle of the road? A walked a bit and could see something shining ahead of me. It was a box and not any box, it was an empty condom box which would have held few sachets of condoms in its glory days. 

All I could think of was that how did this box found its way to the middle of a main road? I mean think about it. The box would have had many sachets in it and usually people take a stuff out of a box and then keep the box safe at home. Then when they need the second serving then they reach for that box and take out second sachet then third etc but at last the person would throw the box in to the dustbin instead of carrying that box in his pocket and going to main road and dumping it there.

Does it make any sense at all? 

The only one option which makes some sense is that someone was carrying the box in car and they had last sachet left so they threw the box out and kept sachet in pocket. Maybe this makes little bit sense.

Anyhow where was I earlier? Snap moment. Well I hope the first part and second part of the story gives justice to d snap moment judgement. Some lose it and some gain it.


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