#30daysofme Day 14

19th February 2017

I did not write for the last 4 days. Why? Because I did not feel like. As simple as that.

I am pretty much on my Keto diet and I guess even after drinking a lot of electrolytes I did suffer from a bit of Keto-Flu. Well, despite that I was mostly able to eat healthy, sugarless, low carb, moderate protein and decent Fat food. I have figured that I am good at removing carbs BUT I seldom fail to add enough proteins in my diet. I am also against the artificial protein shakes but maybe I should do my research around that and see if that is a thing for me or if there is a natural substitute of that.

BTW, an update about my life- My days are becoming busier than ever and I am loving it. To be frank, I never felt this excitement in my bones ever before. Its like I have found that mojo and I am moving forward with a newer zeal to accomplish the projects I have set myself onto.

I am working very diligently on a few projects (outside normal work) and I feel awesome. I think this is the way to live life by pushing yourself harder and moving ahead with some unbelievable goals. Also, its important to be resilient in my day to day life in order to let go of small things on which I usually sweat out a lot and always have the vision of my dreams alive. Well, actually to say that I have dreams is sort of filmy. I dont really think that what I am working towards are my ultimate end goals as I am still the same person who is confused about her path in life BUT having said that I also feel that there is no path which does not starts from some stumbling and harsh blocks. I feel that its my utmost priority to fail as much as I can to slowly find a destiny unfolding in front of me in this journey of life.I might also be simply delusioned but I fail to admit the fact that I am.

Do you have any small or big goals in life which makes you wanna forget the trouble issues in life? If yes then please do comment YES. I will know that I am not alone.

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