#30daysofme Day 8

13th February 2017

Only a few weeks ago I was miserable and felt that this is it, I can not come out of the sadness but here I am today feeling ecstatic. So what did change in the last few weeks?

Yes I agree that there are some new good things happening at the moment and that is a huge push towards my happiness quotient but I was getting normal even before that happy thing and I feel that the change came when I decided to “Love myself more and treat my time with affection”. I decided to call it quits with people who were pushing me down and made plans to switch my situations and I am mostly bust working towards that. Like I always say that Happiness and the best way to live life is to move forward with “goal”.

Some people say that Keto is also a mood booster but I am not sure about it so see that for yourself. Today I successfully completed my intermittent fasting which is the KETO thing. BTW, my sister has suggested me to start a new blog only for Keto and then divulge in details about my journey. I am thinking that maybe I should do that. lets see.

I wanted to talk about something today. I was at the mall and as you know that this is the valentines week and hence I saw all sorts of gift ideas, fancy decorations and lots of couples in the mall. I was looking for something and this couple passed by me. I overheard the girl saying while looking at a DIOR shop that “Oh I wanted that. Gosh its so expensive.” and then here it was – The Puppy Face. The guy who could be her boyfriend because of the obvious affectionate way they were holding each other had to look at the shop for her.

This little incident took me to that memory of my feeling bad when every one of the girl I knew was showing me fabulous expensive gifts received from their boyfriends and I would feel that why do I never receive such splurge gifts. I mean I am okay the way my life is. If I want then I can buy my own expensive stuff (ofcourse with some planning etc) but why does no one gifts me.

Then one women, my very dear friend spilled the beans and told me the secret which I had no clue of. She said, babe all guys are the same and if we let them choose our gifts then we all will always get weird things which we wont need or use. So the difference between you and me is that I know how to get the gift I want. To this I was like “confused face”.  “what do you mean? He did not want to gift you those leather boots?” and she laughed and said Do you really think that he has that much of bandwidth to know me this well that he would gift me the exact shoes I told you I wanted?”

“Then how did he buy?”, I asked.

And then she told me the secret which was kept hidden for ages and I might get swearing from all girls for telling the secret here but what the hell, I dont care.

So apparently there are many ways which includes dropping hints of what you want, taking him shopping just in time for your birthday-anniversary-valentines-new years and taking him to the shop to teach him what you like, asking him by sending product links on website about how the thing is, or tell him directly that you want this gift.

If I have to choose one of the options then I would say ask directly. Yeah, I mean I can pretty much ask my sister anything and I never get angry or sad if she can not give me that. So if I get the comfort with my man and I want something then I will simply ask. BUT doing this or by doing any of the other options does not give me that satisfaction which I would get when someone would take pain to know me well and gift me things as a surprise which could be as small as a greeting card and as big as a travel ticket. *just in case someone is reading in between the lines.

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